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Kathryn E. Mills is the Louisiana-based illustrator and printmaker behind Légende Artwerks. Her illustrations seek to preserve the words and imagery of the stories told on car trips, around fires and on back porches. By combining words with expressive illustrations, she transforms memories into artwork for treasuring and sharing.


Mills' linoleum block prints are generously buttered with the humor and charm reflective of the Deep South, favoring traditional Cajun food and cooking as themes. Both her illustration work and linocuts are interwoven with a less than healthy fascination with font and hand lettering. 

A 2011 Grace College & Seminary alumna, Mills received a BA in Illustration and German. She has done illustration work for local and international businesses as well as taught art in private schools for 3 years. She resides in Sunshine, Louisiana with her husband and two pet children.



- New Orleans Magazine, New Orleans, LA

Aline, Women's Clothing Brand, Iseo, Italy

- Lisa Tawn Bergren, Author

- Manners of the Heart, Baton Rouge, LA

- Istrouma Brewing Company, St. Gabriel, LA

- Louisiana Family Forum, Baton Rouge, LA

- Lisa Tudor, Author

- Kim Winston Bigler, Author

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